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Dr. Robert Rosenthal

Robert Rosenthal, M.D. is co-president of the Foundation for Inner Peace, the authorized publisher of A Course in Miracles. He has served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors since 1993. He was introduced to the Course in 1975 at the age of 20 and became a close friend and protégé of its co-scribe, Bill Thetford. He is the author of From Never-Mind to Ever-Mind: Transforming the Self to Embrace Miracles and From Loving One to One Love: Transforming Relationships Through A Course in Miracles. Dr. Rosenthal’s first book, From Plagues to Miracles: The Transformational Journey of Exodus, From the Slavery of Ego to the Promised Land of Spirit, reinterprets the biblical story of Moses and Pharaoh through the lens of A Course in Miracles as a parable of the spiritual journey back to God. His many popular talks and interviews as well as book excerpts can be accessed from his website, DrBob-Author.com and from his YouTube channel: RobertRosenthalMD

Dr. Rosenthal is a board-certified psychiatrist and former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. He was in private practice for over thirty years with a focus on relationships, psychological trauma, mind-body interactions, and the interplay between psychology and spirituality. 

Dr. Rosenthal is also a screenwriter with seven feature screenplays, two options and an unproduced TV pilot to his credit.

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