Pure Presence Conferences

Bayo 615x640 (1)
Bayo Akomolafe, PhD
Chief Curator of The Emergence Network, Speaker, Author, and Yoruba poet
Rupert Spira 615x640
Rupert Spira
Miranda Macpherson 615x640
Miranda Macpherson
Author, Spiritual Teacher & Interfaith Minister
Maureen Muldoon 615x640
Maureen Muldoon
Author, Artist, Community Leader
Loch Kelly 615x640
Loch Kelly
Author; Psychotherapist; Founder, Open-Hearted Awareness Institute
Jonathan Robinson 615x640
Jonathan Robinson
Author, Psychotherapist, Speaker
Jon Mundy 615x640
Dr. Jon Mundy
Author, Lecturer, Publisher
Isira 615x640
Wisdom Keeper, Teacher, Speaker and Author
Harri Aalto 615x640
Harri Aalto
Author, Speaker, Coach
Gary Renard 615x640
Gary Renard
Author, Speaker, Teacher of A Course in Miracles
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