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Does it feel as if your life is on hold and that sickness, body issues, and limitations have taken over?
Have you tried every method of healing you’ve heard of, and nothing really works?
What if you could stop spending your time “trying to heal” and move to the part where you are healed, whole, and really happy?​​​​

Why am I redefining health?

Because the truth is that health is not limited to a vibrant body that is full of energy and vitality.

Health is a state of wholeness and well-being. Health literally means wholeness: to “be healthy” means to know your own essential nature, “The Self.”

“Becoming healthy has nothing to do with the body.” — Lisa Natoli

In this video recording of the Redefining Health & Healing livestream workshop with Lisa Natoli you will:

  • Get super clear about who or what you want to be and how you will show up every day.
  • Develop your plan for walking away from a life of sickness, body issues and limitations.
  • Understand what sickness is for in your life so you can use it to heal 
  • Discover the ways you have been blocking peace and life from extending through you; see what you have been doing out of guilt, people-pleasing or fear. 
  • Learn practices to quickly connect with your Inner Advisor, Guide, Physician, Teacher & Inner Healer for inspiration, insight, direction and certainty. 

All the answers and wisdom you need for healing, health and well-being are within you.
This is your birthright.”

 Lisa Natoli, one of our Pure Presence Conference keynotes, is a writer, teacher, and healer devoted to teaching healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone. She is the founder of The Healing Cure, a spiritual approach to healing which involves a conscious deliberate decision to identify completely with the True Self — your changeless, whole, eternal true nature as Love’s Presence — which undoes the human belief in sickness, guilt, suffering, and separation. Lisa is also the creator of the 40-Day Program for Transformation. Her teaching style is joyful, down-to-earth, and encouraging with an emphasis on awakening and the direct experience. For more information, please visit www.lisanatoli.com.

Lisa Natoli

Offered by Pure Presence Conferences & the Teachers of God Foundation

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