Pure Presence Conferences

  • Will I be sent links to join the sessions during the Conference?

Yes, you will be sent conference details the day before the conference starts. As well as links to the sessions you’re booked into each morning while the event is running.

  • How do I update my Awareness Conference schedule so I only get notified of the sessions I want to attend?

At any time, you can go back to the Schedule on our conference website and revise the talks that you wish to attend. You may need to sign in first by clicking on the three dots (...) in the upper right corner and sign in using your email under the option “I’m an attendee.”

  • What happens if I did not amend my schedule, is there an easy way to switch meetings without checking my email?

Absolutely! You can join any of the sessions by navigating to the “Schedule” tab and simply clicking on the session you’d like to join.

P.S: You will not be able to join the session until scheduled time.

  • How do I join the session?

We recommend that you log into the site 10 minutes prior to the start of the session you want to attend. Once you sign onto the Conference website and navigate to the “Schedule” tab, you’ll see Join Now buttons next to the session with a countdown clock. Once the room opens up, click on the button to join.

  • I purchased the All Access Pass, when will the replays be available?

 Almost immediately after the live broadcast for each session has ended. In some cases, it could take an hour. 

  • Why am I being asked to confirm my identity in order to log in?

This virtual conference platform wants you to confirm your identity in order to keep your virtual presence and security protected.

  • How can I request to be a speaker at a Pure Presence Conferences Event?

Please write to us [email protected] and include a little information about yourself.

  • I’m a speaker and am interested in learning more about hosting a weekend retreat through the Pure Presence Conferences platform.

Please write to us [email protected]

  • I loved being a part of the conference and want to give my support; where can I donate?

You can click here to learn more about donating to Pure Presence Conferences.