Pure Presence Conferences

  • I registered for a session but am unsure how to access it?

If you’re lost you can go to our website at purepresenceconferences.com, click on the Eventstab in the top navigation, then click the session you want to access and click the SIGN IN button at the top of the Event page.

  • How can I register for a session?

Click on the Eventstab in the top of our navigation bar, from there you choose the session you want to access, and once you’re on the session page you can click on the REGISTER button at the top and follow the steps for registration.

  • Why am I being asked to confirm my identity in order to log in?

This virtual conference platform wants you to confirm your identity in order to keep your virtual presence and security protected.

  • How can I request to be a speaker at a Pure Presence Conferences Event?

Please write to us [email protected] and include a little information about yourself.

  • I’m a speaker and am interested in learning more about hosting a weekend retreat through the Pure Presence Conferences platform.

Please write to us [email protected]

  • I loved being a part of the conference and want to give my support; where can I donate?

You can click here to learn more about donating to Pure Presence Conferences.