Pure Presence Conferences

Reconnect, Restore and Regenerate Program and the Awakening YOU e-book — A gift by Isira


Through this powerful 2.5-hour online program, Isira guides us to bring heartfelt wisdom and understanding to the degeneration we have all been a part of; recognize the interconnected avenues and opportunities of the regenerative quest we face, truly understand the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and listen deeply to our own individual spiritual guidance — leading us to understand that no matter who we are, or what our calling, we all have a significant part to play in Regeneration. You will also receive a complimentary copy of Isira’s ebook Awakening YOU.


Lisa Natoli HealerThe Power of Awareness to Heal: A Step-By-Step Guide — A gift by Lisa Natoli 

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LenihanBonusThe 4 Decisions — A gift by Mary Lenihan


The 4 Decisions is a simple practice in accessing Inner Wisdom wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whomever you are with. Apply The 4 Decisions in any communication, relationship, activity, situation, and circumstance. Infuse peace, clarity, and open to Inner Wisdom for creative solutions, efficient work, being present in your conversations, and all the stuff of daily life. This is a short, inspiring read that you can begin applying now for practical help. The 4 Decisions holds great potential for the one who is willing to put it into practice. 


Still In Awareness — A gift by Gangaji


One’s own awareness is so ordinary and all pervasive it goes continually overlooked, yet ironically it offers the very freedom that is longed for. When attention is turned toward the essential experience of simply being, it is possible to discover that one is not a body identified with thoughts and feelings, but rather the limitless awareness aware of it all. Here Gangaji offers the opportunity to be aware of awareness itself rather than the often conflicting factions of mind and emotion; to give the whole of oneself to this that is already effortlessly present, alive as the inherently free awareness that you are.



Fire Energy & Forgiveness: How Healthy Anger Sets You Free — A gift by Amy Torres

There is a way to use anger without hostility for harmonious relationships. You need fire energy to successfully communicate and assert yourself with others: to maintain boundaries — to stand up for what is right. Without healthy anger you cannot have a fulfilling life. Healthy anger is the transmutation of an internal fire into fuel for a loving purpose. The fire energy of healthy anger rises to the heart and gives you courage; it clears the head and gives you clarity. Healthy anger motivates: it gets your feet walking, your hands building, your mouth speaking and your heart loving. Fire sparks both creative ideas and loving action. It liberates and empowers you to fully be yourself. 

Fire Energy & Forgiveness is a  5-module e-course that you can take at your own pace.


Miracles Magazine - A one-year free subscription

— A gift by Dr. Jon Mundy and the One Mind Foundation

Miracles magazine, published bi-monthly since 1985 by the One Mind Foundation, offers inspiration for students of ACIM and other nondual and Universal Course philosophies. A one-year free subscription is offered to the first 200 applicants by calling 845-496-9089 or emailing Eileen@miraclesmagazine.org.

I AM FREEDOM I AM FreedomA gift by Miranda Macpherson


In these times when our freedom to move about as we might like is limited by the pandemic, it is really helpful to remember that all the spiritual giants throughout the ages have reminded us that freedom is inherent to our deepest nature.  The Radiance Sutras invite us to “seek always the intimate joy of your original Self and move through this world in freedom.”  Here is a beautiful downloadable audio meditation practice from spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson to help you with that.


Voice Liberation Forgiveness SessionA gift by Neda Boin



HeartMastery Shift to the Heart Course and 30 days of Daily Heart Start Calls — A gift by Sheva Carr



Dare to Decide: Making the Best Decisions of Your Life — A gift by Tama Kieves 


You’re making decisions every single day, but are they the right ones? And how do you know? Afterall, an extraordinary life requires extraordinary decisions! Now more than ever, it’s important to move beyond frustration or uncertainty and uncover your exceptional path. No matter your situation, YOU have an inspired way to make choices. I want to teach you how.


The Take 5 Mindfulness Meditation Series — A gift by Corinne Zupko


To be a miracle worker and help heal racism, it is essential that we are able to calm our nervous systems and ground ourselves in the present moment. In this digital meditation album, Corinne Zupko guides you through five 5-minute mindfulness practices to support you in your journey. Listen to each track individually or all together for a longer meditation.


Coupon code: awareness2021

Link: https://fromanxietytolove.com/take-5-mindfulness-meditation-cd/

Anxiety Makeover Swag Bag: Transform Worry Lines to Peace Signs! — A gift by Kelly Russell

Download my FREE Anxiety Makeover Swag Bag: Transform Worry Lines to Peace Signs! This BONUS GIFT includes the mini-ebook You’re Not Good Enough, You’re Perfect: Healing Your Bullshit Beliefs; a downloadable MP3 of Dissolving Anxiety in Liquid Light: A Guided Meditation; and a Podcast of Fear is a Major Buzzkill: Forgiveness is the Elixir — which is MY STORY of how A Course in Miracles healed my anxiety – which also contains the MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL that you can use to release anxiety and start Rocking Your Joy!



The Way of Effortless Mindfulness — A gift by Loch Kelly

The first chapter of Loch Kelly’s new book The Way of Effortless Mindfulness is a guidebook for open hearted embodied awakening. Loch brings together the heart of wisdom traditions, psychology and modern neuroscience to present awakening as the next natural stage of human development  It describes how to access awake awareness and then continue to discover the way to be embodied and live from loving awareness. It is a how-to invitation to shift from ego-centered life but then to also welcome all parts of our personality. 


Miracles Monthly — A gift by Rev. Tony Ponticello and Community Miracles Center

A full year (12 issues) of *Miracles Monthly*, the ACIM community’s longest running, continuously published, printed on paper, full color, and mailed to your home publication. We are just starting our 35th volume year, 409 issues in 409 months. This is the publication that CMC members get. As a bonus we will also send you “The Course Thought System” plaque – an 8.5 by 11 inch laminated plaque with a thorough 415 word summary of what ACIM teaches. Read it to learn, as a reminder, or as a meditation. We’ll also throw in a subscription to our electronic publication *Miracles Weekly*.