Pure Presence Conferences

The Awareness Conference

-Native American Proverb

The Awareness Conference is a frequency of awareness in a shared experience one rarely finds at a single event. Open the Heart, Know the Truth is that rare experience of Awareness that brings Speakers, Musicians and Yoga Teachers, who vibrate a frequency not of time and space but the open Heart of Pure Presence and Grace. If this is your time to Open your Heart and Know the Truth, put aside time just for you and give yourself the gift of Awareness: Know the Self, Know the Truth.Rupert Spira, Gangaji, James Twyman, Neda Boin, Alan Cohen, Francis Lucille, Lisa Natoli, Loch Kelly, Dr. Jon Mundy, Bayo Akomolafe, Regina Dawn Akers, Sheva Carr, Rev. Tony Ponticello, Antoinette and Clifton Sawyer, Ellen Emmet, Maureen Muldoon, Harri Aalto, Kelly Russell, Miranda Macpherson, Cate Grieves, Freedom Cartwright, Aaron Abke, Tama Kieves, Karen Drucker, Carol Howe, Louise Kay, Gary Renard, Jeff Bailey, Corinne Zupko, Amy Torres, Jonathan Robinson, Mary Lenihan, Isira and Bill Free.

"Wow I came in a total cyclonic rage and am leaving peaceful, laughing and so happy... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You."

Guy, September 2020 Conference Attendee

This was SO AMAZING!!!! SO GRATEFUL for all this Light!!! Love Light and Blessings ♥💕

Lynne, September 2020 Conference Attendee

“Each Summit has brought me to new teachers I had never heard of before. So many nuggets of wisdom and inspiration that I didn't even know I needed until they were right there in front of me!”

Lora, September 2020 Conference Attendee
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The All Access Pass offers you instant replay access to ALL sessions, complete video & audio recordings of every session for up to 1 year, an audio-only version available for you to download and listen to anytime on any device, and exclusive bonus gifts from our presenters Gangaji, Amy Torres, Dr. Jon Mundy and the One Mind Foundation, Lisa Natoli, Isira, Mary Lenihan, Miranda Macpherson, Neda Boin, Sheva Carr, Tama Kieves, Jeff Bailey, Corinne Zupko, Kelly Russell, Loch Kelly and Rev. Tony Ponticello and Community Miracles Center.

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International Performing Vocalist
Project Manager, Teachers of God Foundation
Bill Free 615x640
Founder Avita Yoga®, Teacher, Author
Corinne Zupko 615x640
Award-winning Author, Spiritual Teacher
Bayo 615x640 (1)
Chief Curator of The Emergence Network, Speaker, Author, and Yoruba poet
Susan Telford 615x640
Evolve Community Manager
Yaulanda Blue 615x640
Co-Founder, Transformational Coach
Oliver Blue 615x640
Co-Founder, Transformational Coach
Tama Kieves 615x640
Bestselling Author, Speaker, Coach
Sheva Carr 615x640
CEO, Heart Ambassadors
Clifton & Antoinette Sawyer
Founders and Pastors of Cornerstone Life Center
Rev. Tony Ponticello 615x640
Healer, Coach, Speaker
Regina Dawn Akers 615x640
Founder, Awakening Together
Neda Boin 615x640
Singer/songwriter, Voice Liberator
Miranda Macpherson 615x640
Author, Spiritual Teacher & Interfaith Minister
Maureen Muldoon 615x640
Author, Artist, Community Leader
Mary Lenihan 615x640
Co-Founder/Creator and Teacher, Pause For Inspiration
Louise Kay 615x640
Spiritual Teacher
Loch Kelly 615x640
Author; Psychotherapist; Founder, Open-Hearted Awareness Institute
Lisa Natoli 615x640
Teacher & Healer, Founder of The Healing Cure
Kelly Russell 615x640
Transformational Coach and Teacher of A Course in Miracles
Karen Drucker
Jonathan Robinson 615x640
Author, Psychotherapist, Speaker
Jon Mundy 615x640
Author, Lecturer, Publisher
James Twyman 615x640
NY Times Bestselling Author and Peace Troubadour
Isira 615x640
Wisdom Keeper, Teacher, Speaker and Author
Harri Aalto 615x640
Author, Speaker, Coach
Gary Renard 615x640
Author, Speaker, Teacher of A Course in Miracles
Gangaji 615x640
Teacher and Author
Teacher/Learner; Founder, Freedom Rail Tours
Francis Lucille 615x640
Freedom Teacher
Ellen Emmet 615x640
Therapist, Teacher
Christine Kiesinger 615x640
Founder of CEK Communication
Cate Grieves
ACIM Teacher
Carol Howe 615x640
Author, Speaker, Counselor, Teacher
Alan Cohen 615x640
Author, Teacher, Coach
Aaron Abke 615x640
Spiritual Teacher
Amy Torres 615x640
Spiritual teacher, Psychotherapist, Interfaith Minister
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After each General Session where you’ll be introduced to 4 speakers, there will be a brief intermission with live or recorded music. You’ll have the opportunity to select which session you’d like to participate in. Two minutes before the Breakout Sessions starts, the sessions will light up for you to enter into the room. And during the session, you have the option to move to another session to find the one that best meets your interests

Check the schedule tab and drop into the virtual broadcast of your choice. If you happen to miss a live session, all recordings are available to ALL Access Pass holders for 12 months. Free pass holders will have access for 48 hours from live broadcast. It may take up to 24 hours for live broadcast to be uploaded for replay.

Virtual meetup café rooms will open up 2 minutes prior to each session. All sessions are in Eastern time.

Questions? Email us at info@purepresenceproductions.com for assistance.

If you’re not able to attend the live talks when they are first broadcast or listen to the recorded talks when they are first released, you will be able to access replays with the All Access Pass option. Replays of Live broadcasts will be available on the event platform 24 hours after the talk was broadcast (or sooner). Replays will be available for up to 12 months after the event in your member area.

Video recordings will need to be streamed (watched online). Audio recordings will be available for download the day after the scheduled release.

To access the sessions, please go directly to the page of the talk you are interested in at the scheduled time. The recorded sessions will automatically start playing at the scheduled time. For the LIVE sessions, please press the Watch Now button and Zoom will launch with the session.  Replays Only Access Passes will only be valid for replays and not for the live broadcasts while they are occurring, although those sessions will be available once the replay is posted.

For the Pure Presence Summit all times are EDT (Eastern Time). Talks are between 9 am and 9:30 pm EDT. In the majority of cases, the times reflected on the schedule page are adjusted automatically to your specific time zone.

All sessions will be available for replay in the All Access Pass member area for 12 months following the event. Pure Presence Productions LLC

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